98th Annual Multiple District 22 Convention - Burtonsville Lions


May 11 2020

98th Annual Multiple District 22 Convention

Seminar Descriptions
MD 22 Convention – May 11-14, 2020
Ocean City, Maryland

Promoting Diabetes Awareness: Are Lions Optimizing Service Opportunities in 2020?
Facilitator: Lion John Monahan, MD22 Diabetes Coordinator
Diabetes is a global health and development crisis. Lions serving in over 200 countries
including the United States agreed to include the fight against Diabetes as one of our 5 Service
Areas. As we enter the decade of the 2020’s, are there strategies, partnerships and new
opportunities for Lions and Leos to serve as information warriors in combating the growth of
Type 2 Diabetes? How can club leaders incorporate plans to address the importance of Diabetes
Awareness and the need for “Prediabetes screening” to the citizens of our service areas.
This seminar will highlight the key facts and main issues of Diabetes and how people with
the disease are at risk for many serious health complications, including heart disease, stroke,
kidney failure and blindness. Information handouts will be distributed. The workshop will be
interactive and those attending will have opportunities to offer strategies and share best practices
with the group.

GLOBAL re-VISION: What Happens to All of Those Glasses We Collect?
Facilitator: Lion Robert Martin, Creator of The GLOBAL re-VISION Network
Over the past 13 years, a District 22-W Lion has used a unique technology to establish 10
charitable vision clinics that have provided free eyeglasses to 100,000-200,000 people in the
U.S., Mexico and Haiti. Come find out HOW!

MyLION- An Exploration and Tutorial
Facilitator: Lion Laura Salers, District 22-C Global Service Team Coordinator
Wondering what the new LCI reporting tool, MyLION, is all about? Need to report your
Club activities but don’t know where to start? In this session, the process of POSTING your
Club’s service projects, meetings and fundraisers to MyLION and the process of REPORTING
completed activities to LCI, will be demonstrated. Our primary focus will be using the web
based MyLION portal found at www.lionsclubs.org and if time allows, we will explore the
MyLION phone app.

Harness the Power of Leadership
Facilitator: Lion Beth Slade, CFRE, Director of Lions Engagement at Leader Dogs for the
In this hands-on, energetic presentation you will learn Leader Dogs don’t respond to
leadership buzzwords. They learn through training that focuses on guidance, reinforcement, and
clarification – Harness the Power of Leadership is based on these same principles. Learn how
using the same techniques as the best working guide dog teams can make you a better leader,
Lion and communicator.

Statewide Impact of the Maryland School for the Blind
Facilitator: Superintendent W. Robert Hair
Share the mission of MSB as well as the wide range of services offered as an essential
statewide resource for blind and visually impaired students from birth to 21 years of age at our
campus and through our Outreach Department.

Lions Camp Merrick
Facilitators: Lion George Kirby and Heidi Fick, Camp Director
For many years Lions Camp Merrick, with the help of Lions Clubs throughout Multiple
District 22, has been able to “Make Memories to Last a Lifetime for our campers”. Although our
primary mission focuses on children with special needs, with the help of the Lions Clubs of
Multiple District 22, our ability to serve has grown to encompass a more diverse community.
Please join us so we may share with you, what and how “We Serve Together.”

Unpacking the Service Toolkit
Facilitator: MD22 Global Service Team Coordinator, PCS Susan Cox
Prepare for your club’s Service Journey by understanding the tools that are available through
Lions Club International. During this session Lions and Leos will explore the Service Toolkit
resources designed to help assess, position, and activate clubs for greater impact.

LOVRNET – The Rest of the Story (Apologies to Paul Harvey)
Facilitator: Ashley Deemer, O.D., Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology
Most Lions of MD22 have heard of LOVRNET and are familiar with our Lions role of
conducting patient interviews and providing direct services to low vision patients. Those who
have attended the Lions Rally at Wilmer have heard the personal stories of low vision patients.
We learned how their lives and emotions were impacted by their loss of vision. And they related
how rehabilitation programs taught them to adjust their routines to accommodate their loss and
restore self-esteem.

Dr. Ashley Deemer will present the rest of the story in this seminar. She will address vision
loss from the perspective of the provider describing the physical and emotional factors that must
be addressed and the role that LOVRNET plays in the process.

Lions District ALERT Program
Facilitator: Lion Myron Horn
Does your club have an ALERT Program? Have you prepared your family to overcome a
disaster? What do you need to do to get ready? Come to the ALERT seminar and you can
answer these questions for you, your family, and your club.

Leadership: Intentional Influence
Facilitator: Lion Bob Mahr
Become inspired and excited about Lionism and be willing to accept more responsibilities.
Learn the personal attributes needed to be an effective leader.

Personal Mission Statement
Facilitator: Lion Daniel Elkins
According to Leadership expert Stephen Covey, the most effective people and organizations
shape their own future. These people create personal and organizational mission statements that
clarify their purpose, guide them, and encourage them to reach their goals. This session will you
assist you in creating your own personal mission statement.

Diversity and Inclusion
Facilitator: CS Martin Bonura
Diversity offers many benefits to our association, including increased creativity, productivity,
and motivation. To ensure that Lions are prepared to support diversity throughout the district,
this session will focus on the benefits of diversity, the importance of inclusion, and ways to
create inclusive environments to ensure the retention of our diverse members.

Innovations in Service
Facilitator: DG Evan Gillett
In a world of constant change, Lions and Lions clubs need to create new ways to serve or
improve existing service projects to their community. In this seminar the facilitator will lead a
discussion and present ideas, tools and strategies for Innovations in Service. Lions, Leos and
guests will be encouraged to use the tools to come up with new service projects and present them
to their clubs.

LVRF Meeting
Facilitator: PDG Larry Burton, Chairman
This is the regular bi-monthly meeting of LVRF trustees, District Governors, committee
chairs and advisors.

The Opioid Epidemic
Facilitator: DG Sonia Wiggins
In this seminar you will gain knowledge about alternative pain treatments, hear testimonies
shared by families dealing with the Opioid crisis and get updates on laws, policies, and resources
available throughout communities and the state.

Marketing Your Club and LCI
Facilitator: MD22 Marketing and Communications Chair Lois Conrad
Learn tips and tricks for marketing your club and LCI on social media, i.e., Facebook and

Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF)
Facilitator: PDG Kent Eitemiller
Learn how your Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF) works and how you as a Lion
and a member for your local Lions Club both support and can benefit from this important
humanitarian foundation. Learn the details of Campaign 100 and how your club can become a
model club. Find out the formula for computing what the contribution would be so your club can
be a model club. Learn what LCIF can accomplish with a donation of as little as $100. All your
questions about Campaign 100 will be answered.

Using Online Marketing Techniques to Increase Membership and Awareness
Facilitator: Lion P.J. Chambers
Learn tips and tricks for using online marketing techniques to increase membership and

Facilitator: PDG Kelley Randolph
Communication is an art, not a science, and there is no formula for ensuring successful
communication in every situation. To be an effective communicator, one must not only
understand the communication process, but also practice the skills needed to be effective in a
variety of situations.

Patient Perspectives on the Impact of the Lions Vision Research and Rehabilitation Center
Facilitator: PDG Larry Burton, LVRF Chairman
Hear patient testimonials of services received and the impact on their lives provided by the
Lions Low Vision Center.

Lions Youth Foundation
Facilitator: PDG Sandi Halterman
Welcome to the Lions Youth Foundation (LYF) Morning Fest in the Atrium on Wednesday,
May 13, 2020, offering light morning refreshments from 7am-8am and then remain with us for
our Foundation Learning Experience Seminar from 8am-9am. The LYF of MD22 assists Lions
and Leo’s in sponsoring any worthy project that will increase youth activities and enhance the
image of Lionism through Youth Services. Join us in hearing about LYF grant and fellowship
opportunities and share stories of our past successes

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